Geology fieldtrip 地質学現地調査旅行

I’ve just gotten back from the 4 days long geology trip with school. I’m exhausted. Every day we have been taking long walk in geologically interesting areas, looking at soil layers, rock formations and stones. It’s been really fun and I got loads of new knowledge about the ice age and the formation of mountains now. Awesome.  Furthermore, the Swedish woods are so beautiful this time of the year. The leaves are about to appear any minute and there are spring flowers anywhere. It’s been 4 refreshing days with longed for lunch boxes, beautiful scenery, barbeque in the night and Quarternary science.


Our class was divided into 3 groups and every group lived in little cottage villages, so to speak. We lived just by the lake and had a great view from our window over Sweden’s second largest lake Vättern. I caught sight of a lot of good bonsai material too, and I actually stole one. But more about that later.


Now I need to sleep. Today we climbed a small mountain called Kinnekulle, looking at all the layers of mountain that it consists of. It was really fun!


2 thoughts on “Geology fieldtrip 地質学現地調査旅行

    1. Men usch vad det var smetigt vissa sträckor! Kanske bäst att ha vattentäta vandrarkängor nästa gång…

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