Floral dresses, sandals and blackberry cupcakes!

Today a premonition of summer arrived in a small little package. It was the clover dress from the Kate Moss Topshop collection that I had been wanting for so long. It’s very pretty and very summery. Maybe I can wear it in Germany! Cause yes, today I bought flight tickets for going to my dear friend Matthias place in the Mosel valley. I’m going to work at his parents wineyard most of June and in the beginning of July. It’s going to be awesome. But still, there are some things to finish at home first. Exams to pass and geology trips to go on. Yep, tomorrow we are going on a geology trip with class, for 4 days! However, we are actually going to areas around my hometown, so it wont be that exotic. Ironic. Well, I made cupcakes to bring on the journey, so it can’t be total misery I’m sure.

今日、夏の予感を一つ小さいな封筒の中として届いた。ずいぶん前からほしかったTopshopのKate Mossコレクションの四葉の葉っぱワンピースをゲットしたかった。可愛くて夏っぽい。ドイツで切れるかなあ。そうだよ、ドイツ行くもん。Matthiasという友達の両親のワイン園で働くため、6月と7月の初旬にMosel谷にいる。楽しみ!だけど、その前、ここで色々なことをやらなければならない。試験を受かったり地質旅に行ったりする。そう、学校と旅行行く。しかも、下町の近くに行くから、そんなに面白くならないかも。まあ、カップケーキを作って持っていくから、何とかなるね!

2 thoughts on “Floral dresses, sandals and blackberry cupcakes!

  1. Vilken fin klänning och vilken figur! Snyggt! Ser fram emot cupcakesen… har gjort mina kladdmuffins nu. Trading?! Men du kommer få massor ändå så mycket fika som jag fått av dig😀

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