Updates from the building ground 改造場からアップデート

Yes we are still building, and drinking beer. And sometimes studying and spending some time with Taichi, who finally arrived here by train through Europe, in the summer house. Busy busy days.

Typical building lunch… 改造ランチ


In the beer tent!ビールテントで!

First Swedish beer for Taichi!太一の初めてのスウェーデンビール

In the geo lab… 地質ラブで

Infra lamps in the beer tent, warm and cozy… ビールテントに赤外線電気があって気持ちいいね!

Drinking games in the uni basement 大学の地階で飲み比べ

Free beer for 10 days might just get too much? Nah… 10日間の飲み放題って、やりすぎ?まああ

On the way to the summer house… 別荘行く!

Is this Laputa, castle in the sky perhaps? もしかして、天空の城ラピュタじゃないか?

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