The first of 10 drinking days 十日間の飲酒の初めての日

So, in Gothenburg there is this thing called the “cortège” on the last of April every year. Basically it’s a parade with home made cars, trucks or whatever you want. It’s a big event and the people who build the cars/whatever are the students of the town’s university of technology. That is where I enroll. To join the parade building, you have to pay a lot, but in that price you get tools and equipment for building what ever you want, the possibility to attend parties every night for 10 days and maybe best of all free beer during the 10 buidling days, with no restriction. Kind of awesome. A big parking place behind our uni has turned into a building area with students in building coats drinking beer, building and sunbathing. Today was the start, and of course I somehow got persuaded to join. We are going to build the house in the movie Up. Here are some pictures from today, the first day.


Someone built this… Just so that you know, Badkar in Swedish means bath tub…

The first beer!

Marie and Sebastian enjoying the sun and beer!

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