China 磁器

The other day my sister and I went to The Swedish Association of Bonsai’s annual replanting workshop. We watched and learned. I also want pretty bonsai like these. Time and patience… time and patience…


While waiting for my trees at home to grow, I spend my time with things like going to IKEA. I was supposed to go there with Tomo and my cousin Ida yesterday but unfortunately we kind of got on the wrong bus and realised that we had to switch buses twice. However, sitting on the bus we caught sight of IKEA from the bus window. It was not far a way, just on the other side of the highway. We got of at the next stop and started walking towards that gigantic yellow and blue shoe box. There was just one little problem, there was no way to cross the highway. We had to walk around quite a bit in an industrial area until we finally found a viaduct. At least the weather was good.


At IKEA I bought a pair of nice looking green coffee cups and some shelf-thingies to store my shoes in. Which is good, since I have two pairs on the way from England. They should appear any day now!


The IKEA cups were nice, but not even close to as nice as this Wedgwood “Cuckoo” china that I saw today in a fancy porcelain shop with my mum. When I get rich and own a nice house in the countryside, this is what my guests will be drinking their tea from. Lovely, isn’t it? I like Wedgwood. Besides their classic english porcelain, they also cooperate with designers. Like Vera Wang for example. Fascinating.

IKEAで買ったカップが良かったけど、今日高級な店で見たWedgwood “Cuckoo” 磁器に及ばない。お金持ちになったら、私の田舎マンションに来るお客さんはこのカップから紅茶を飲んでもらう。素敵、でしょ?Wedgwood好きだ。伝統的なイギリスの磁器があるし、デザイナーとの関係もある。たとえばVera Wangなど。面白いね。

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