Last friday before the holidays

Today is the first day of my two weeks long easter holidays. Yay! I am planning on studying and working most of the time though. But still, no lectures and no need to wake up at 6 in the morning… Yesterday Yukari, Ida and I took a little stroll around town in search of something nice in the second hand shops of Gothenburg. Yukari found a bag, but other than that no luck… Of course we had a shopping spree coffee + cake. Yum!


We also paid a visit to my dear niece and her mum. Matilda, my niece, is the cutest child in the world. And no, that’s not because she’s my relative. She just is the cutest thing ever. And she likes wearing other peoples shoes. She started crying when she realised mine with heels weren’t too easy to walk in…


In the evening we made tempura at Ida’s place. Yukari is an awesome chef and the tempura was so tasty! We tempurized various kinds of mushrooms, sweet potato, pumpkin, aubergine etc. I ate so much and when I woke up this morning I had a horrible stomach ache. It was worth it though =)

夜はIdaの家でてんぷらを作った。ゆかりは料理するのがうまいから、超美味しかった!色々なキノコやいも、茄子、南瓜などを食べた。食べ過ぎて今朝起きた時腹超痛かった。だけど、本当にうまかったから価値があった =)

2 thoughts on “Last friday before the holidays

  1. hehehe, that’s nice pics!
    me in pic which I’m puting rice on the dish is look like my mom!

    1. 美味しかったよね!まあ、皿洗い大丈夫だ。ゆかりちゃん食べ物をすべて作ってくれたからね:)

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