Pimp my french chocolate tart

Being a member of the international committee at my university, I’m part of organising an easter dinner for the exchange students tomorrow. I’m in charge of the desert part (yay!) and I made french chocolate tarts. And then I pimped them to make them look as eastery as possible. Now, I just have to figure out how to carry three of these to school tomorrow…

私は大学の留学生委員会のメンバーなので、明日の留学生のためのイースターディナーの準備を今日やっている。私の担当はデザート(やった!)でフランスのチョコレートタルトを作ることにした。イースターっぽくなるためメッチャに飾った。いまから、明日学校にケーキを三個どうやってもって行くか考えなくちゃ >_<

3 thoughts on “Pimp my french chocolate tart

    1. Hm, as for hoovers it is possible to send them but these? Nah… Or maybe that’s how they make chocolate mousse?

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