Japanese dinner for mushroom lovers

Today when I randomly entered one of the asian shops in Gothenburg I found shiitake, eringi and enoki. Three really great Japanese mushrooms that are hard to find in regular grocery stores in Sweden.  And most of all, they are expensive. These were kind of cheap though and looked really great. I bought some of every kind and went home to prepare a very easy Japanese dinner with loads of mushrooms; Miso soup with mushroom and tofu, rice and fried mushrooms with asparagus. Some people might believe that it’s really difficult to make miso soup, and that the only thing you could put in it is sea weed and spring onion. Actually, it’s extremely easy to make and you can put basically anything in it. Besides, it’s almost impossible to fail. Here’s my recipes from today!


You will need 材料:

– Assorted mushrooms, in this case shiitake, eringi and enoki キノコ、今日は椎茸やエリンギ、エノキにした
– asparagus アスパラガス
– Silk tofu (optional) 豆腐
– On clove of garlic 大蒜
– Half an onion たまねぎ
– Aji pon (Japanese vinegar) 味ポン
– Miso paste that contains dashi だしが入ってある味噌

Let’s start with the mushroom miso soup. Fill half of a sauce pan with water, put in cut mushrooms and heat until boiling. Boil for about 3 minutes, you will want the mushrooms to be a little tender but not too hard. Take the sauce pan off the heat. The miso paste should not be put into boiling water. Take a spoonful of miso paste and smoosh it into the water using another spoon. Repeat this process until the soup is as strong as you want it. If you want to you could put diced tofu in as well. Done!


Now, let’s move on to the fried mushrooms. First cut the onion into slices and fry on low heat in oil together with finely cut garlic until it turns golden brown. Pour in the mushrooms and let fry until they get golden brown as well. Cut the asparagus into 3 cm long sticks and fry with the mushrooms for about 1 minute. Pour in about 1 table spoon of ajipon. Here you have to taste the mushroom too to decide if there’s enough ajipon. The ajipon will bring saltness and a bit of sweetness to it. And that’s it, done!


Serve this with rice and you will have a tasty and quite healthy dinner. The miso soup is also great because if there’s any left over you can put a lid on and keep it for the next day. I have some left now and I’m looking forward to heat it for breakfast tomorrow.


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