Martin Fogel plays Toru Takemitsu

Sometimes Michiko brings me along to various events here in Sweden. That’s really good cause I’m quite bad at doing things, going to concerts and so on in my home country. Living abroad you usually look up what’s going on in your area and take advantage of all fun things that are happening around you. But at home, you tend to continue with your normal life and if excitement strikes you sometimes it’s just a bonus, nothing you searched for.


This time Michiko took me to a concert with the Swedish guitarist Martin Fogel. He has been living in Japan for some years now and he has released a couple of CD’s where he amongst other songs is playing many works by the famous Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. Michiko is a friend of Martin and after the really amazing performance we went out for dinner and a drink with him and some of his acquaintances. It was nice to listen to live classic guitar music of this high level and you could tell that this guy really is a pro. The house where the performance took place, Galleri Majubbe, is an old wooden house situated close to the sea. Actually, this concert was a collaboration between a music association and an art club in Gothenburg. Many of the people listening to the concert were sketching at the same time. This collaboration also resulted in an audience with a great variety of people. Women in their fifties as well as 12 year old kids with their mums had come to listen.

今回美智子ちゃんがMartin Fogelさんといスウェーデン人のクラシカル・ギタリストの演奏に誘ってくれた。Fogelさんは数年前から日本に住んでいるしCDをだしました。日本の有名な武満徹というギタリストなどの曲を弾いています。美智子ちゃんはFogelさんの友達で、演奏の後皆で出かけて外食した。こういうレベルが高いプローのクラシックギターライブを聞くのは初めて、本当に面白がった。また、コンサートが行われたGalleri Majnubbeという海に近い古い木製のハウスは素敵だった。じつは、このコンサートはGothenburgの音楽クラブとアートクラブの協調だった。そのため、色々な人が聞きに来た。演奏を聞きながら絵を描いた人もいたし、おばさんや12歳の少年もいたし。

Martin has composed a version of the old Japanese folk song Sakura sakura. He played it yesterday and I recorded it with my compact camera. Not the best sound but anyhow, enjoy!


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