Jonathan’s birthday party Jonathanの誕生日パーティー

So yesterday the infamous “I would never wear this” party took place. It was really fun and a perfect way to finish a week of exams. Today I would need to work though, but my head is not feeling 100% OK since yesterday. I think that I will leave work for Sunday.


One rather unpleasant thing that happened yesterday was when we were on our way home from Jonathan’s party. Four of us were heading in the same direction and took the same bus. Tired and a bit drunk we were chatting and talking about funny episodes from the party. Suddenly, some 4 retarded boys in the back of the bus start screaming “sieg heil”, talking about not being proud of your country and crap like that. A poor black guy leaves the bus at the next station. Wtf? Well, a bit tipsy as I am, and never able to keep my mouth shut I, backed up by one of our mates Andersson, confront them. It’s not a good idea to quarrel with random retards on a bus in the suburban Gothenburg at 2 in the night, but I couldn’t help myself. We were basically screaming at eachother for like 10 minutes until we had to change buses. Noone got anything from it, we were just more frustrated. Is this depressing or what? I had somehow started believing that these kind of stupid kids were extinct, but apparently not. How can their friends and relatives let them go on like this? Sweden is a scary country full of idiots. But there are nice people too. Just look at the pictures below =)

昨日のパーティーから返る途中ちょっと怖いことがあった。四人は同じバスに乗って、ちょっと酔っ払いままパーティーのことについて話したりした。急に、バス後ろのほうにいた四人の馬鹿な男は多き声で”sieg heil”や国に誇りを思うことなどの超馬鹿な話を言った。気分悪そうな黒人さん一人がいて次の駅で降りたし。何だろう?失礼すぎ?私はいつも意見を言ってしまう人だし、結構飲んでたから、その馬鹿な男達に立ち向かった。よく考えると、知らない人とGothenburgの郊外で夜2時に喧嘩するのは危なくてあまり頭良くないけど、仕様がなかった。ということで、馬鹿な4人と10分ぐらいお互いに怒鳴りつけることになった。でも、だれもの意見が変わらなかった。それより、みんなフラストレーションを感じた。最悪だね。そういう馬鹿な意見の若者がもうほとんどいなくなったと思ってしまったけど、明らかにそうじゃない。なぜ、その人の友達や両親が反対しないの?スウェーデンは怖い国で変な人がいっぱいいる。でもね、いい人もいっぱいいる。下記の写真の人、たとえば=)

2 thoughts on “Jonathan’s birthday party Jonathanの誕生日パーティー

  1. Glamma på!! Det är lite Ola Salo över dig Sara i den svarta, glittriga utstyrseln. Att bli associerad till Ola Salo är ett MYCKET bra betyg från mig😉 KRAM

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