A little parcel 小さいな包み

Yesterday we had our final exam in linear algebra. Actually, I think it went somewhat well. What else is good is that this week, Wednesday to be more precise, I got a small parcel into my mailbox. Getting parcels is always exciting. Although you know what you’ve bought it’s always nice to see if the garment (which it often is) is like you thought it would be, if you look good on it or if it’s not what you expected at all. I got my new spring jacket that I bought from a woman in Stockholm second hand. It was sort of expensive although it was second hand, but far from what it would have costed new. And since it’s an A.P.C jacket the quality is great and it’s awesome although it’s been used. That’s why I love second hand, you really can get the good stuff almost like new, but much cheaper. And hey, buying second hand is great for the environment!


Tonight is Jonathan’s birthday party. I hope I can take some great pictures there, considering the theme of the party =)

今晩Jonathanの誕生日パーティーだ。パーティーのテーマを考えると、いい写真を取れるそう =)

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