Chocolate and maths 数学とチョコレート

Yesterday Tomoya came back from his weekend in London. He brought me chocolate and Tea. That boy knows what I like. There’s no space left on our tea and cookie table… I was surprised to find that the British chocolate is really really tasty. The Cadbury’s “Crunchie” is like the tastiest thing I’ve had in weeks. I wonder why Morrissey thinks that the Swedish Marabou chocolate is so tasty when they have their own better brand.


This week is exam week. That’s how life work at my uni. First there are 7 weeks of lectures and then comes 1 week of exam. One year contains 4 of these “study periods”. Tomorrow I have an exam in Environmental science and on thursday maths… I’m only doing the environment to get a better grade, but the maths is really tricky and difficult. I’d better go studying now. And eat some more chocolate.


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