A well spent Saturday 完璧に過ごした土曜日

Today Marie and I had 3 missions. First off, we were going to cut our hair. I got 10 minutes late and had to wait another 40 to get cut. But in the end it turned out well. I look like the Japanese singer Makoto Kawamoto. Yay!


Our second mission was to have nice coffee and cakes. Also that was successful. We went to Le Pain Francais, as usual.
二番目の目標はうまいコーヒーとケーキを食うことだった。成功だった。いつものように、Le Pain Francaisに行った。

Our third mission was to find an outfit for Jonathan’s birthday party next Friday. Judging from the pictures, it looks like we might be crazy. Or, just following the latest fashion trends, I don’t know. But, the point of this shopping spree was not to find something that we would wear, quite the opposite actually. The theme of Jonathan’s party is “I would never wear this”. So, we went to a second-hand shop and tried on the craziest dresses we could find on a 50% off-table. Here’s the result.


We were both kind of keen on this one. Pink is awesome.

Space grannies a la 2010? Or, actually what you could see on Zara or Topshop once in a while? I don’t really know anymore, all I know is that I would never wear this, and it’s hilarious. These party outfits are what we are going to wear next Friday. Can’t wait!

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