Why oh why? 何でだろう?

Sometimes you find something just spectacular and fabulous on ebay that you can’t resist. And no, I’m not talking about those times you find something nice, something you might even need, no. I’m talking about those moments where you find the ONE perfect thing. Some weeks ago cousin Ida and I found that thing. A pair of pink top shop platform sandals. I have the same red ones, and I love them, but these were even prettier! Just look at the color! Ida and almost died of exaltation when we saw them. We could both imagine walking in these all summer, skipping around in cute summer skirts and look girly. However, when looked closer on the shoes, we realised that they were a pair of 38’s! Ida is a 36 and I have humongous feet with size 40. What the?! And the worst thing, no one even bid on them in the end. Why didn’t anyone else want them? What’s wrong with the world?


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