Every day is like Tuesday

Today we had a presentation on biogas and it’s impact on the ecological footprint in school. I was quite happy with our presentation to be honest, but I don’t think the teachers were… The ecological footprint is a way to measure a persons environmental impact and needless to say, Swedes as well as Japanese have a too big impact, and if we don’t change the way we live future generations will have problems keeping the same living standard like we have today.


Depressing stuff… I need to work and study today. And clean. Crap. Well, when the typical tuesday feeling attacks you from behind, some happy music is the best recipe for forgetting bad things and thinking about nice things to come, like summer =)


Here are two favourites in the happy go lucky category


Brigitte Bardot, Moi je joue (with some almost naked pictures of Brigitte as a bonus!) Brigitte Bardot, Moi je joue(ブリジットのほとんど裸写真もあるし…)
 Makoto Kawamoto, DNA  川本真琴、DNA

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