New blog, new computer case 新しいブログ、新しいパソコンケース

Well… Here we go again. Another blog of mine. This time a bit less pretentious, actually. So, what has happened lately? Well, I am busy with school as usual. Projects are to be presented infront of class, reports are to be handed in and exams are to be taken. On top of that I am trying to find time to for my parttime job. Basically, I’m like any other Swedish student.


This weekend I spent at my parents place. My mum has got a sewing machine and I took the opportunity to use it. Last week I got a new computer. That’s why I have started blogging now by the way, my last one was broken and my blogging got delayed. Anyhow, my new computer is small, convenient, light and strong. It looks like any other computer on the market. Grey and boring. Very office manly like. Because of this, I decided to give it a little less boring and a little more feminime case. I had really nice pink cherry blossom fabric that I got from my Japanese host family some 3 years ago lying around in my wardrobe. It would be a shame not to use it I thought, and made a neat case for my computer and it’s little friend, the portable harddrive.

今週末は実家で過ごした。母親がミシンを持っているからチャンスをつかまって使いました。先週新しいパソコンを買った。ちなみに、買ったからブログをやり始めた。前の奴を壊してしまってブログ書けなかった。新しいパソコンは小さくて、便利で、軽くて早い機会です。だが、ほかの一般的なパソコンとほとんど同じつまらないデザインだ。サラリーマンっぽい。そのためもうちょっとフェミニン系で可愛いらしいケースを作りたいな、と思ってた。三年前日本のホストファミリーから素敵な桜柄の生地を持っていて、使わなければむだだと思いながら、パソコンケースを作った。ポータブル・ハードドライブのケースも作った ^_^

That’s about how much I will write today. I really need to go and study maths you see. We have a small test tomorrow, and if I get a good score on it, it could help me pass the entire course in linear algebra.


My boyfriend said it would suit a 10 year old girl… a bit harsh, right?

Using a button from some old cardigan. Eco-friendly and cute!

At least my sister’s cat Marcel seemed to like the cases.

2 thoughts on “New blog, new computer case 新しいブログ、新しいパソコンケース

  1. Vilket sött fodral! Tomoya’s ansikte kan vara 10 år! Ulrika borde förresten ge dig en femma enbart för att du är så miljömedveten!

    (Visst är det ok att inte kommentera på engelska eller japanska?)

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